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Teeth Whitening

About Teeth Whitening

You may believe you’re alone in having stained teeth, but the reality is, everyone could benefit from teeth whitening over time. Gaining insight into what teeth whitening involves and what to anticipate during your dental appointment can significantly enhance your experience.

At Nice Smile Dentists, our proficient team of dentists and dental hygienists offer a comprehensive array of services, spanning from fundamental dental care to highly desired cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening. In a serene and welcoming ambiance, we’re here to transform smiles and rejuvenate self-confidence.

What is Professional Teeth Whitening and How Does it Work?

The white hue of your teeth is the result of light interacting with your enamel. When light strikes the enamel, it scatters, rendering a white appearance. Predominantly, your genetics dictate the thickness and texture of your enamel which in turn affects the coloration. Thinner enamel allows more of the dentin layer beneath to show through, while thicker enamel may influence the tone of white.

The consumption of strongly colored food and beverages creates a thin coating known as pellicle on the enamel, potentially altering the color of your teeth as this coating gets absorbed due to the porous nature of the enamel.

While genetic factors play a part in teeth staining and discoloration, lifestyle choices significantly contribute too. Common causes of yellowing include:

  • Smoking
  • Consuming dark liquids like cola, tea, red wine, and coffee excessively
  • Insufficient dental hygiene

Age also has a pronounced effect on tooth coloration. As we age, teeth may lose their brightness as the enamel thins and the dentin darkens.

Additional factors causing tooth discoloration include:

  • Trauma
  • Excessive fluoride exposure during childhood

At Nice Smile Dentists, we aim to provide a comfortable and enlightening teeth whitening experience, tailoring our procedures to meet your unique needs and preferences. Revitalize your smile and boost your confidence with our expert teeth whitening services.